Enveloped in Canadian rustique décor a signature to the brand, the
entrance to Moose Bawr is like entering a cozy chalet. Perfect for
mingling, ordering a cocktail or casually dining with friends. Established
in April 2014, Moose Bawr has quickly become a popular destination for
those in search of a neighborhood tavern for after work drinks or to take
in a sporting event. Specializing in Canadian pub fare, diners can take
in the view from 1817 Ste Catherine Ouest.

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Moose Bawr’s intimate terrace opens as soon as the weather gets milder.
It’s the perfect spot for customers to sip on a diverse range of inventive
and electrifying Sangria selections while sampling house specialties such
as their artisanal sausages, poutines and other delectable pub style
dishes. Moose Bawr’s concept is derived from the distinctive atmosphere, art,
cuisine and culture of Canada as we thrive to create a vibrant yet casual
experience for our customers.


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